Is there anything tastier than a barbecue? Cooking over a wood or charcoal fire just elevates food, maybe because it's simply primeval but there is no doubt it tastes great. 

We have some of the finest barbecues and BBQ smokers available in the UK. The GrillSymbol Smoky Beast and Chef BBQ series are designed to perfection, made from the finest materials and look simply stunning! They are made from corten and stainless steel and built to last, forget getting a new barbecue every few years. These will last a very long time!

The Smoky Beasts are versatile, they can be used as both a bbq smoker and a traditional charcoal barbecue. The choice is yours.

Also, don't forget you can easily turn your fire pit or chimenea into an occasional barbecue, we have accessories that can do this easily. After cooking, just throw on a couple more logs and your converted back into a toasty warm fire pit.  


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GrillSymbol Chef Charcoal BBQ
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