Welcome to our versatile outdoor cooking and heating equipment collection from Ozpig, an Australian brand that has taken the outdoor cooking world by storm. The Ozpig is an all-in-one outdoor fireplace and BBQ

The Ozpig offers versatile cooking styles such as baking, barbecuing, wok, paella cooking, rotisserie roasting, and boiling a kettle. You can also enhance your outdoor cooking experience with a variety of accessories including grill grates, rotisserie spits, pizza ovens, and more.

The Ozpig is a portable wood-fired heater that's perfect for keeping you warm outdoors on chilly evenings. It's a great addition to your camping gear or garden setup.

So, whether you're looking to cook up a storm or keep warm on a chilly evening, the Ozpig has everything you need. 


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Ozpig Big Pig BBQ Smoker Grill
Ozpig Rotisserie
Ozpig Cover
OzPig Vented Door
Ozpig Charcoal Basket
Ozpig Tool Rack Kit
Ozpig Leg Extensions
Ozpig Ashtray
Ozpig Chimney Accessories
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Ozpig Vent Adjuster
Ozpig Diffuser
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