Fire Baskets

Fire Baskets were traditionally used for burning garden waste but recently they have become multifunctional and can be used as a traditional fire pit. Fire Baskets are usually portable.

The difference between a Fire Basket and a Fire Pit is the appearance and functionality. Fire Baskets are usually taller so that more wood can be stacked. Fire Baskets tend to have vertical bars with gaps to allow more oxygen to feed the fire and burn quickly.

The Fire Basket/Fire Pit hybrid maintains a similar style but reduces the air intake by adding more metal to increase the burn time. Fire Bowls/Pits tend to be shallower and bowl shaped, fire pits are meant to burn slower than a fire basket.

We have fire baskets from GrillSymbol, Gardeco, Lifestyle Appliances and Cook King.

They are available in cast iron, corten steel and steel.

Fire Baskets

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