GlammFire was founded in September 2008, in northern Portugal, with the goal of developing and manufacturing exclusive fire pits and fireplaces. All GlammFire's fires are designed and handcrafted in Monção, Portugal.

GlammFire develop unique products, and are always respectful and committed to ecology in every detail. GlammFire build for those seeking a new lifestyle and a feature that will be the heart of the home or garden.

GlammFire develop many of their products to compliment a wide range of fuel sources, from wood, charcoal, natural gas, propane and butane.

Drawing inspiration from everywhere, GlammFire's fire pits are  meticulously made of the highest premium materials such as stainless or rusted corten steel, lacquers, titanium coating, woods such as ebony, leather, lacquered fiber glass, ceramic, golden leaf, weather-resistant upholstery fabric, oxidized cooper, tempered glass or natural stones. 


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GlammFire Mime Fire Pit
From £16,395.00
GlammFire Vaudeville Fire Pit
From £12,895.00
GlammFire Circus Fire Pit with Seating
From £11,995.00
GlammFire Zarzuela Fire Pit and BBQ Grill
From £11,795.00
GlammFire Alba Grill BBQ
From £11,695.00
GlammFire Stravaganza Fire Pit
From £11,695.00
GlammFire Otello Gas Fire Pit
From £10,695.00
GlammFire Operetta Fire Pit
From £9,495.00
GlammFire Cosmo 13 Wood Burning Fire Pit
From £8,695.00
GlammFire Alba Firewood
From £7,295.00
GlammFire Solace Steel Fire Pit
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