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National Legislation

The legal framework for outdoor fires and smoke nuisance varies across the UK:

  • England and Wales: Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Scotland: Environmental Protection Act 1990 (with some modifications)
  • Northern Ireland: Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

Key points of these legislations include:

  • Smoke from bonfires can be considered a "statutory nuisance" if it unreasonably interferes with neighboring properties.
  • "Unreasonable interference" may include frequent, prolonged, or intense smoke that significantly impacts neighbors' ability to enjoy their property or affects their health.
  • Local authorities can investigate complaints and issue abatement notices.
  • Non-compliance with abatement notices may result in fines.
  • The legislations promote environmentally friendly methods for garden waste disposal.
  • It is the responsibility of local councils to monitor compliance and enforce these regulations.

For complete details, refer to the relevant legislation for your area:

Here are some links providing guidance that might help prevent bonfire nuisance:

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