User Manual and Warranty Information Smoky Beast and Smoky Beast XL

    Cooking Options For The Smoky Beast Smokers:

    1. BBQ cooking: BBQ smoker is heated with firewood or grill briquette. A combined version may also be used so that you start with grill briquette and after 1.5-2 hours you add logs on the smouldering briquette. Grill briquette is very comfortable to use, does not produce soot and keeps the temperature stable. But you have to keep in mind that briquette does not last for the entire cooking cycle, which in case of the BBQ-ribs is about 4 hours. During BBQ cooking water is usually added in the water tub during the entire cooking process.

    2. Grilling: heat is provided by charcoal. Charcoal is placed directly on the charcoal tub below the cooking grates. Grilling with charcoal suits also for making pizza, and for that purpose we recommend buying a fire clay plate with a suitable size and thickness. These plates are available in many construction shops (in the department of smokers, not garden or grilling sections), a good size is 60 x 30 x 3 cm.

    3. Hot smoke: BBQ smoker is heated with firewood, but not very hot as done while BBQ cooking. No water is added in the water tub. More smoke is given by adding wet wooden chips in the fireplace.

    4. Cold smoke: Smoky Beast Smoker can be used for cold smoking process. For that purpose a cold smoke generator has to be placed in the cooking place and the ranges of temperature should be followed so that the raw material is not spoilt during the process.

    Smoky Beast BBQ-Smoker Assembly Instructions:

    The device is pre-assembled in the factory and only chimneys, drawers and the thermometer have to be installed and the bolts fixes. Before commissioning:

    1. Remove all parts of packaging from around and inside the smoker.

    2. Install chimneys and the thermometer, fasten the bolts.

    3. Place the drawers and the ash grate in their place.

    4. Place the smoker on a solid and smooth fireproof surface.

    5. Place a piece of 1-2 kg heavy meat with high fat content e.g. bacon or speck on the cooking grate.

    6. Light the fire in the fireplace and heat the smoker for about 1-2 hours keeping the temperature at about +120°C.

    7. Keep the dampers of the chimney open so that technical oils could be burnt inside the smoker.

    8. After the procedure let the smoker cool down.

    9. The meat is not edible after the procedure (not even for pets). Preliminary cooking is necessary to burn out technical oils from the smoker and so that a protective layer of soot is formed on the walls of the smoker.

    Cor-Ten steel surface treatment: the smoker is made of 3 mm thick Cor-Ten steel, which is weatherproof and during some time becomes brownish. If you want to get the surface of the Cor-Ten steel surface become brown fast (a new smoker is usually the colour of steel or silver gray), we recommend to sprinkle the outer surface of the smoker with 1% salt solution, which enhances the rusting process.

    If you treat the surfaces before the initial burning process, it speeds up the rusting process. Sprinkling has to be performed 3-10 times in order to get some results. Direct sunlight fastens the rusting process. More detailed instructions for the maintenance of the product made of the Cor-Ten steel are added to the smoker. 

    The use of different tubs and drawers and their purpose:

    1. The water tub is the lowest heavy tub with a smooth bottom. It is removed from the smoker only for cleaning depending on the frequency of use 1-2 times a year or when charcoal ash has piled during grilling: Filled is performed via a pipe, which is on the right of the front part of the smoker. The water tub can be filled with a garden hose, a watering can or some other container having a spout for pouring water. The tub has an overflow so that the excessive water flows out of the smoker into the bucket.

    2. The grease tub is trapeze-shape and has a smooth bottom in the middle. It is used during BBQ cooking and thanks to this tub grease flows from the tub into the bucket. The tub is placed above the water tub and below the cooking grates. The tub should be cleaned according to its visual condition. It has to be observed that its overflow pipe is not blocked.

    3. The drawer of charcoal has a low perforated W-shaped profile. It is installed in the water tub. Used when grilled on charcoal, not for BBQ cooking. When you use the charcoal drawer, the grease tub has to be moved.

    4. Grill briquette tub. With high edge, according to measurements it is the smallest. It is installed in the fireplace. Use: fill half of the tub with grill briquette (e.g. Weber briquette 60 pc), light the briquette, and place the tub in the fireplace through the door. At first leave the door and the dampers of the chimneys open so that briquette can smoulder.

    Smoky Beast Maintenance:

    Cleaning the interior of the smoker – cooking grates can be cleaned with a brush, so that the burnt particles are removed from the grates. Before cleaning oil and water tubs have to be emptied of the liquid collected in there (grease, water) by pouring them out. The tubs may be rinsed with water. Cleaning the interior parts of the smoker with any kind of detergent is not recommended.

    Smoky Beast Troubleshooting:

    Name of the fault:

    Caused by:

    How to manage:

    No traction in the smoker.

    All dampers are fully closed, ash drawer is full of ash.

    Check the position of dampers.

    Empty the ash drawer.

    Smoker gives out soot.

    Wood wet, wrong type of wood.

    Use dry wood for heating.

    Use wood with low tar content (alder, fruit tree, oak).

    Black (dark) smoke.

    Wrong heating substance or the smoker is cold. If the smoker is cold, at the beginning dark smoke is quite common.

    Use dry wood for heating. Use wood with low tar content. Wait until the smoker reaches a higher temperature level.

    Food dries in the smoker.

    Temperature too high. Water has evaporated from the water tub.

    Lower the temperature and/or add water in the water tub.

    Food looks (and tastes) as if boiled.

    Too much moisture.

    Add less water. Too much moisture hinders the absorption of smoke.

    Food has very little taste of smoke.

    Too much moisture.

    Add less water (or not at all).

    Meat is not burnt but still tough.

    As a rule temperature is too low.

    Too little moisture.

    Raise temperature at the end of cooking. Add water if necessary.


    Smoky Beast Warranty Information:

    • The device and its parts have a 24-month long production and material warranty. The warranty is valid only when submitted together with the original of the purchase document.

    • The warranty does not include the instruction of use, maintenance, cleaning of the product, the restoration of the marketability appearance or the elimination of such defects caused due to the use not in conformity with the user manual.

    • The warranty does not include the normal wear and tear and the repair of defects proceeding from it. Irrelevant defects in regard to the intended purpose and use of the product (scratches, etc.)

    • If a defect occurs in the product or in its parts during the warranty period, contact the seller of the product.

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